What is Symbol LAB

Symbol LAB is a tool to write text illustrated with symbols, for all who need to develop their basic skills in reading and writing and those who use symbols for supporting communication and language.

Symbol LAB is a computer software that allows:

  • Communicate with symbols;
  • Write text with symbols;
  • Use Symbolinc, ARASAAC, images and photographs;
  • Use speech synthesis and/ or recorded voice;
  • Interact through grids, keyboard and scanning;
  • Print, create PDFs and send e-mails;
  • To be used for Communication, Therapy and Learning;
  • To create and use adapted stories,worksheets and interactive activities for any subject area.

How to write with symbols?

Just start typing words and they are automatically illustrated with symbols.

For the alternative symbols for a given word, simply click the viewer symbols and choose the one that best associate with the word. For each word, the program has one or more associated symbols. You can also change the word associated with each symbol.

The user may at any time hear everything he wrote, through a voice synthesizer from Acapela.

What are the Symbolinc symbols?

This software includes the system SYMBOLINC - symbols Imagina for Literacy and Inclusion.

The main features of this system of symbols for Literacy are:

  • Is constantly updating in a partnership with institutions and universities from Portugal and Brazil.
  • Take into account the specificities and characteristics of Lusophone countries and Latin America.
  • It is possible to combine the symbols for new words, thereby increasing the number of words available for use in the software.
  • You can change the colors of the symbols.

We are able to create new symbols based on specific regionalisms of the country, a city or a culture. Just send your suggestion by email to info@imagina.pt.

What is an Environment

Symbol LAB is based on the concept of Environment. An Environment may have been built for a specific user or can be an activity that will be used by different users.

Upon entering the software you can found a number of Environments that can be used immediately. However, pressing the button Environments Admin you can easily change any environment or create a New one.

An Environment is fully configurable and customizable, including the interaction buttons that the user will use. This way, you can build environments fully adapted to the needs and capabilities of each user.

That's why when editing a New Environment you just find an empty window. The first step is to add one or more Panels and within these one or more Grids and within these one or more Cells with content and actions.